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Click the basket above to build your own custom MERRITT'S GRILL Holiday Gift Basket!

1.  Tell us what you'd like us to include in your basket and when you'd like to pick it up.  Please include your day-time contact information.

2.  We'll call you back to confirm and process your payment information.

3.  Pick up your basket at the agreed time.

It's that simple to customize the perfect gift for your family and friends! 

Customize Your Own MERRITT'S GRILL Holiday Baskets!  Choose from your MERRITT's GRILL favorites... tees, gift cards, chocolate-covered bacon and more!

MERRITT'S GRILL Gift Cards... Choose Your Amount

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MERRITT'S GRILL Blend Coffee by Joe Van Gogh...              12-ounce bag (ground or whole bean) $12

MERRITT'S GRILL Tee Shirts... Choose from our new "Single?... meet me at Merritt's", "BACON, BACON, BACON or Aryle Pig Designs in Long or Short Sleeve $22 to $29

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World-Famous MERRITT'S GRILL Bacon Hand-Dipped in Dark Chocolate $2 per slice (minimum 4 slices)

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MERRITT'S GRILL Original Print by Elaine O'Neal - Small Un-Framed $20, Small Framed $40, Large Framed $80

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Pan Forte from 9th Street Bakery - always a holiday favorite! $9

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Ginger Snaps for the holidays!  Fresh from 9th Street Bakery -   2 dozen $6, 4 dozen $10 (Please order these early, supplies limited)

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MERRITT'S GRILL Postcards by Adina Davidson!  The perfect stocking-stuffer - $2 each or $20 per dozen